Whiteox Q-CONNECT 102 x 49 mm Adhesive Address Label Roll (Pack of 180):Whiteox
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Q-CONNECT 102 x 49 mm Adhesive Address Label Roll (Pack of 180):Whiteox

Q-Connect Published in October 21, 2018, 9:59 am
 Q-CONNECT 102 x 49 mm Adhesive Address Label Roll (Pack of 180):Whiteox

Q-CONNECT 102 x 49 mm Adhesive Address Label Roll (Pack of 180):Whiteox

Price:£1.35+ Free shipping (Addon item)

Miss Moose
Miss Moose Reply to on 3 December 2016
I had a box of these a couple of years ago, and they were excellent.....really handy that you can peel them off, even after being stuck on for a long period of time. I used them primarily for covering up things on the calendar or in my diary that were no longer relevant. I've also used them on envelopes and parcels etc. Quite a few times, I have cut a piece off to stick over a cancelled appointment on the calendar, and I've cut it a wee bit too big, but with these stickers, you can just peel it off again, and resize. I've also used them on kitchen storage jars. When it comes time to wash the jar, you can just un-peelable them, wash the jar, and stick another label on. I've even used them on supplement bottles.

When I came to try and find them again, earlier in the year, i couldn't find them, so had to make do with the normal un-peelable stickers, which I don't like as much, as you can't reposition them or resize them. I just found these again by accident, the other day. I remembered the lime green box (see photo).
Graham M.
Graham M. Reply to on 3 June 2017
Obviously this product is cheaper than other brands so I put it to the yest along with other brands and to be honest there is no noticeable difference to me. Therefore it leads me to conclude the following.

I've been getting done by another company for labels of this size. Quality is. Brilliant and the adhesive is exactly where you want it to be. Had 0 issues with the labels and they stick to surface and doesn't come off easily which is probably the most important factor.

Writing on the labels is easy, the surface quality is sufficient for writing addresses on.
Dave Reply to on 22 June 2017
I brought these to label up bottles and they work a treat. I had one on a bottle of E-Liquid i had it on there for about a month and when i changed the flavour i needed to change the label and it pealed off no problem at all, leaving nothing behind i couldn't believe it. I thought that because was stuck down really strong i thought no way is this going to peal off without leaving sticky residue behind but it worked a treat. You would think for them to peal off with leaving nothing behind there would not be much adhesive on them but its actually very strong adhesive used.

Very good product 100% recommended!
Irene Miller
Irene Miller Reply to on 7 October 2017
These are the best labels to use for plastic pouches, folders and especially for freezer containers. They peel off easily as suggested on the packaging. I cut mine up as they are quite big and they last for ages. Compared to other cheaper alternatives, these are the best quality and it is worth the extra trouble of finding them. They used to sell them at the local stationer's but no longer, so have to order from the internet but so worth the bother
emailbod Reply to on 26 February 2018
I am just about to buy a second box of these labels. I use them mainly for marking boxes in the freezer. They are fine for this.
My only complaint is, that when defrosting if I leave the label on too long it can be difficult to get off the box. The glue seems to refuse to move.
a bit like those annoying labels on cups etc in the super markets.
However as I am going to stick another label on,this is not really a problem.
They hold to ink just fine, do not come of in the freeze, so for the price good value.
Andy Wood
Andy Wood Reply to on 2 April 2017
They're white and sticky, the writing surface feels a lot like paper which means you can write on it with any pen that works on paper. Not sure there is anything more I can say about sticky paper.
Tina Reply to on 10 September 2016
I bought these cos I was sick of a certain work mate nicking my juice claiming he didn't know who it belonged to so thought he would just drink it! Needless to say since labelling my juice it's now safe lol.
witchy Reply to on 18 November 2016
They aren't the shiny ones so no smudged pen marks!
ZB Reply to on 25 January 2018
The first time I bought these I thought - 200? pfft, too many - but this is our third roll now! So handy for labelling toddler supplies, food to freeze, addresses on parcels, what's in the latest box of stuff we're shoving into the attic and much more. Even used them on crackers (with added snowflake stickers) as name places this year. Amazing value.
Rose46 Reply to on 28 April 2016
These labels are great. I use them to label food before I put it in freezer - allows you to write cooking instructions and date food so stops your freezer being all clogged up with packaging from boxes etc. Labels have very strong adhesive so do not fall off in the freezer. Am sure I could think of many more uses for them. Can keep handy box in a kitchen drawer as does not take up much room.
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